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We strongly suggest that web sites and web applications be developed and tested on your own testing servers and then uploaded to the hosting server.

We offer SSH access on supported plans. If your plan supports SSH, you can enable SSH on your account by going to the FTP Manager tool in your control panel. There you can request to Enable SSH Access.

When you request Enable SSH Access, our support team verifies your application and determines whether or not to enable your account. This is done for security reasons. You might be asked for a copy of your driver's license before you are given access.  We may also require that you send us a public SSH key which you will use to connect to your account.

You will receive an email notification on whether SSH has been enabled.

Important: Users with SSH access enabled will be automatically limited to their home directory. This is done for security reasons, in order to restrict users from running certain commands and accessing system directories. However, users will still be able to create, copy, move, rename and delete files and directories and run a variety of utilities and file managers.

Utilities: cat, echo, ln, mkdir, ps, rm, sh, cp, date, kill, ls, mv, pwd, rmdir, sleep, md5/md5sum, ping, awk, diff, find, id, sed, tar, whereis, basename, dirname, grep, ldd, sort, touch, which, cut, du, head, more, tail, vi, whoami, clear.

File Managers: mc, ytree, vifm, deco.

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